Looking for White Rhino Business? We’ve rebranded to AssetPRO!

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Straight-forward Pricing

We Take The Time To Get It Right For Our Clients.

If cost is what you pay, value is certainly what you get when you decide to build your financial future with the powerful guides at Asset Professional. Due to the nature of our planning, which includes how we build relationships – we can’t be an assembly line. We typically onboard less than 50 clients each year.

(We Making Paying For It Pretty Easy Too)

Monthly Installments

Your built-for-life financial plan can be paid up over the course of 12-months in installments. 0.00% APR. This is a direct benefit to our clients and our commitment to improving their cash flows.

Online Payments

We're constantly innovating the way our clients can work with us. Beginning in 2021 our clients were able to start paying us quickly, conveniently, and online using our system AdvicePay®

Get Your Points In

Get the flexibility you need to take care of business, literally and figuratively. Our payment system accepts many payment types including rewards credit cards, so you can keep life on track.

We make it easy to get the right fit for your goals.

Busy Professionals

Wealth Building & Risk Management
$ 95 starting Per Month
  • Focused On Building & Protecting Long-Term Wealth

Executive pre/post retireee

Focused experience
$ 199 Starting Per Month
  • Focused on Tax Minimization, Longevity, & Wealth Transfer

business owners

Full experience
$ 299 Starting Per Month
  • Unlock The Complete Experience In One-Stop Business Owner Planning

Executives & Corporations

Workforce Solutions
Custom Full Pay Discounts Available
  • Activate Your Company Financial Stewardship Program

Our Investment Management Fees Just Hit The Floor, So You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Faster.

Annual fees starting as low as 0.50%

Risk Management Products Are Designed With Built-In Costs

We help you create a risk management strategy that makes sense personally, & financially.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a fiduciary responsibility to all clients whom formally engage with us to do financial planning & consulting. What we think goes very well with our fiduciary duties, are our contractual protections provided to clients. Our engagements are reviewed by several regulating entities including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure proper protection for clients & investors, as well as our business.

While financial products are the tools required for any wealth building journey, our only obligation is to do what’s best for our client. Our patent-pending approach to planning is proprietary, and it includes components of financial product assessment, analysis, and selection using an established process. Built around what’s important to you, your plan may include products from both preferred, and non-preferred providers.

That’s a great question! An important thing to note is that we can’t be all things to all people. Our specialty lies in holistic financial planning that’s intended to help professionals and business owners solve multi-faceted concerns with their financial future. In effect, we’re more valuable to clients who have more complex and complicated situations.

When we started Asset Propulsion, we were all Financial & Investment Advisors by training. We come from a variety of backgrounds in corporate financial institutions, and we came together to serve one specific purpose: To provide a lifetime financial planning solution that actually worked for a lifetime.

Not necessarily, we have a variety of ways that you can work with us for your financial planning needs. We plug-and-play with accountants, CPAs, attorneys, and nearly every other professional on your team.

While we’re not in the relationship replacement business, we believe that the greater reach we have across your balance sheet to make improvements, the more effective we are. Our team model ensures you’ll always have multiple sets of eyes and years of valuable experience reviewing your situation. In the end, the choice is yours and we’ll design something on your terms.

Another great question! We’re compensated in a few different ways, but primarily by our planning consultative fees, investment & portfolio management fees, and with the placement of protection products like Life, Disability, and Health insurances. During onboarding, we spend time reviewing each and every cost associated with doing business at Asset Propulsion so you can feel comfortable, confident, and secure in your choice with us.

Holistic ones that are designed to consider your life as a whole. That means there may be something implemented today that isn’t as “shiny” or “lucrative” as another option, but by doing so you’ve foregone satisfaction today in order to improve your tomorrow. Ultimately, our clients retain complete and total choice in their strategy – we just serve as the guides.

We like to say that cost is only relevant in the absence of value. The price you pay will vary depending upon your strategy, your asset size, the work involved in optimizing, and the length of our relationship together. When we articulate our value, it’s always directly next to the cost so you can make an apples to apples comparison on the spot before you make any decisions.

We have a deep appreciation for the nuances of running a physician or dental practice, the toll it takes on the owner, and how little time they have to build their future. Physicians and dentists are our passion because of the immense value we can provide in one location – but finance is finance and regardless of your business, or profession if you’ve got some complexity to solve we can help.

That’s completely fine, we’re well versed in the art of business consulting and equipped to help you solve your concerns. Our client base includes non-medical businesses in the industrial services, construction, nutrition supplements, real estate, contracting, legal, accounting, and finance industries with more being added each month!

We’re committed to giving our clients the best experience they could possibly have. Through our use of technology we consolidate and integrate complex financial lives to begin planning. Our clients have access to their entire balance sheet and financial plan digitally, anywhere in the world. Using this facilitated approach to remote planning, we co-create a plan customized to your situation that will account for all known life-events, stated goals, and potential pitfalls on the road ahead. From there, we use data-driven insights to understand how you think and feel about money with our proprietary process. Finally, we use nobel prize winning methodologies to de-risk your assets and propel you on your way to your goals. All of this is backed by direct access & support, thoughtful onboarding, and candid conversations.

In today’s world, the testimonial has been watered down as marketing endeavors have blurred the lines between testimonials that are real, or aren’t. We also know that in speaking with our clients, that their situation could be completely different from yours. All that being said, we’re more than happy to provide referrals that can speak to our character, our approach, and our commitment.

As one of the final elective steps in our process, once you’ve gotten all your questions answered and are ready to proceed, we’ll arrange time for you to connect with someone who can help with any final discussions.

It’s pretty simple, we’ll reach out to you and discuss what’s important to you for 10-15 minutes.

We will not be recommending any courses of action, and the call is complimentary. Our mission is to understand what’s important to you, and learn more about your situation from a high level.

We’ll let you know right then and there if we think we’d be a good fit for one another and we’ll set up a virtual, or in-person meeting with the team to discuss solutions with you.