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Synthesizing financial tactics used by Fortune 500 companies into manageable Small Business strategies.

Philosophy Highlights


You've got more than just yourself to take care of. A lot of people depend on you. Our philosophy focuses on helping you improve your financial stewardship and ultimately benefit everyone by focusing on empowering you with knowledge and understanding of many of the tactics, techniques, and strategies used by some of the wealthiest people in America.


Most business owners focus on the mastery of this early on in their business career, then seldom consider ever changing it. Each year, each President, each congressional change, each regulatory shift creates opportunity. We help get business owners off of auto-pilot, and back on the controls of their business and personal financial life.


It's the only way we think it can be effectively done. No more stacks of papers or dozens of log-ins and accounts to remember, we use a systematic approach to consolidating and integrating business financial planning solutions. This makes it easy to stay up to date, see everything in one place, plan virtually anywhere, and keep progress on track.


It's one of the most critical aspects of financial stewardship to us, and one of the things that will help aid in making consistently good decisions, instead of occasionally great ones. Playing an infinite game means never looking at short-sighted, short-term goals in favor of more prudent long-term decisions. You can still enjoy your life, and avoid too much budgeting - it's more akin to helping you understand your value and dream bigger.


Here at Asset Propulsion, we’re business owners just like you. Our business is focused on helping other businesses get aligned with a strategic approach to long-term personal and business wealth. We don’t shy away from the conversation of substantial wealth because the conversation is about more than the individual, it’s about the people that helped us get there, and our on-going legacy.

We’re passionate about helping business owners illuminate what’s holding them back from their potential, and helping guide them to achieving the financial greatness they were always capable of. There’s a lot of nuances to running a business, a lot of opportunities that can be missed, many pitfalls to unexpectedly present themselves, and a lot of hurdles to overcome. We empower business owners to step into the ‘cockpit’ and start propelling themselves toward their goals.

Following our philosophy can help you:

Who does this best fit with?

Our philosophy is a great fit for businesses, and business owners who have a business revenues over $1 million dollars, or $300,000 of taxable income. It’s also a great fit for anyone who is looking for a holistic, one-stop approach to keeping their business & personal financial goals on track. The more complex, or complicated entity design – the better. Our team-based approach hyper-focuses on dealing with some of the most complex financial and tax situations we can find.

Core business owner principles

If anyone gets pulled in a hundred different directions on a daily basis, it’s the small business owner. Most often when a successful business is built, it wasn’t by accident and the people who built it are responsible for more things than just themselves.

Soon, other people’s livelihoods become dependent upon the business owner. All while growing obligations, time needed for family, and unexpected life events are pulling at the seams.

We teach our business owners how to put their oxygen mask on first in their businesses without it coming at the expense of others. It comes down to fundamental components of running the business that can be structured in a way that makes running it simple, effective, and easy.

If you haven’t planned your exit as a business owner, you’re behind the ball. It’s important to begin with the end in mind and fully think through how you’re going to be exiting your business. There are a lot of things to consider and a timeline of at least 5 years should be used for proper exit planning. Depending upon the type of business it could be more or less, and include additional opportunities to accelerate value, or work alongside tax & accounting professionals to ensure your business has the best curb appeal.

The valuation, and sale proceeds are just a part of the equation. There are many tax implications associated with business sales, and with proper planning – many adverse impacts of unplanned business sales can be avoided easily and inexpensively.

One of the most interesting conversations we have with business owners is around what their “taxable income” is. Most often it’s misunderstood in various ways from K1’s to Distributions to Wages and all sorts of permutations. We teach our business owners that there’s only two types of cash flows, ones you pay tax on and ones you don’t. Our strategies focus on helping business owners understand that they should only pay tax on the money their using to fund their lifestyles and use the rest to build wealth in a tax advantaged way. 

Most business owners think their accounting strategy is maximized, only to meet us and realize that they were playing such a small game and missing out on so much.

There’s much more to the equation than you might think, and the reason we get up everyday is to help business owners truly benefit from what they’re building. 

We emphasize this with our business owners because it’s easy to get things wrong. What we’ve learned doesn’t work in business financial consulting is where our value lies. Preparation is a big part of the struggle with running, managing, and growing a business. Being consolidated & integrated into a personalized ecosystem backed by technology is what we feel is the most effective way to plan accurately and efficiently.

We do this through several software programs internally, and one externally with our clients. We spend most of our onboarding in this area, and focus on helping the business owner organize and prioritize their goals in measurable and meaningful ways.

We strategize, plan contingencies, stress test, and speculate on scenarios with our clients while they’re in the comfort of their own homes, offices, and private offices.

It can be easy to get caught up by life. There are already enough things to deal with in our routines, not to mention the unexpected things that always seem to find a way to come up at the worst possible time. Just know no one is alone in experiencing this, it’s very much a part of what makes us humans.

Understanding this, it’s important to consider what detriment a complacent outlook can have on financial futures. Particularly when the mental automations we create in our minds keep us in the same place while the world is continuing to move on without us. 

This means everything from the gaps in how we think about money and finance, to the gaps in how we activate our teams. Through a lack of focus on these areas, the gaps in knowledge and understanding grow. Over time this can create things like complacency, accidentally switching on brain “auto-pilot”, and other things. Our philosophy is that we need to continually close these gaps to provide mental agility to stay ahead of the power curve.

Lots of things in life come up, there are always good excuses not to do things, and ultimately as business owners and stewards, we’re responsible for everything our organizations do or fail to do.

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