Looking for White Rhino Business? We’ve rebranded to AssetPRO!

Located in the iconic Galleria area | 3040 Post Oak Boulevard Suite 1150 Houston, Texas 77056

The Founders

Experienced Guides

They've learned a thing or two about financial planning, mostly what you shouldn't do.

Industry Disruptors

They abhor the status quo and constantly seek new solutions to age-old problems.

Fact-Focused Investigators

They don't speculate around your future and use a measure twice, cut once approach.

Technology-Driven Insights

They apply technology solutions to make things easier, faster, or safer for you.

Expert Communicators

They get to the point, finding out what's important to you and building to those specs.

Values-Based Leaders

They're driven by something more than money, their shared and synchronized values.

two sides of the same coin

Lee Daniels, MBA, CFP®, CeXP™

Over a 25 year career, Lee has delivered over 500 financial plans, and consulted thousands of individuals and business owners to achieve financial success.

CA Insurance License Number – 0M89705

Josh Hohenstein, AAMS®, CDMP™

For the last 15 years, Josh has been passionately driven to help people. From Middle Eastern battlefields, to flooded Houston streets, to financial futures.

CA Insurance License Number – 4018583

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”

Albert Einstein

Innovative Process

They’ve worked hard to create and build a financial planning solution that is designed to achieve  efficiency across each phase of life.

Impactful Culture

They’ve imbued their culture with meaningful values, principles, and mantras to keep them bringing their ‘whole-selves’ for clients.

Powerful Teaming

They focus on what they love to do, and what they’re the best at. Each member gains deep insight into themselves during onboarding.