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Backed by a Nobel Prize, and a hyper-focus on helping lower your investment risk with data-driven insights. Our investment management philosophy has stood the test of time.

Philosophy Highlights


The research behind our methodology was originally introduced in 1952, and has become known as Modern Portfolio Theory. We've adapted this methodology for a modern world, backed it with powerful technology, and customize it to the individual to enable a consistent approach to investment management


Our philosophy is built around the idea that there is an appropriate amount of risk to be taken in any kind of portfolio that can be built. There's also inappropriate risk. We focus on data-driven metrics that ensures long-term investment management remains an academic problem to solve.


The Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) concept has not only stood the test of time, it's also been awarded. Nearly 40 years after the MPT was born, the creator became a Nobel Laureate for the work done to improve economic outcomes of investors.


Whether it's built for 'speed', or built for 'comfort', we help design, implement, monitor, and improve portfolios using our philosophy that de-risks, de-clutters, and reshapes investment strategies into powerful financial engines built to last.

The pillars of our approach to long-term investing

When preparing to start investing, or considering a move to a new advisor – it’s critical to understand the game you’re playing is an infinite game, one that never ends. The most successful organizations in the world at managing long-term investments are usually the fund companies themselves. We feel that by taking a page out of institutional money manager’s books and implementing evergreen strategies is the most powerful approach to financial stewardship.

Our approach to investment management and portfolio construction utilizes Nobel Prize winning methodologies in Modern Portfolio Theory.

Throughout history the industry has studied the correlation between behavior and investment returns. In nearly every study available today, we’ve seen individual investors underperform the market on average of 2.50%-5.00%. The Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior Study from DALBAR has been tracking these numbers since 1994. It’s also been shown through Vanguard’s Advisor Alpha Study, that investor performance can be improved by as much as 1.50% using non-technology enabled behavioral management techniques. We utilize technology to extract data-driven insights into how you think and feel about money, and bullet-proof your mind against financial adversity.

We leverage our technology to deeply understand how you think and feel about money. By investigating dozens of biases with our clients before we make one investment decision, we build the foundation for a life-long relationship built on trust and understanding.

In The True Impact Of Asset Allocation On Returns , Roger Ibbotson – a world renowned investment and capital market researcher – finally determines the relationship between the variability in returns based on portfolio allocation and portfolio policy style. The most recent publishing puts to rest the notion that you can guess, speculate, or otherwise get lucky. By delineating the 40/90/100 rule, asset allocation becomes an academic problem to solve rather than a personal style choice. 

We perform a multi-faceted analysis to help determine your optimal allocation without you needing to do all of the research on your own to figure it out.

We believe markets are efficient. By choosing to invest with companies that have phenomenal leaders and employees, we’re confident in their ability to design powerful processes that achieve positive performance results. 

We utilize a powerful screening process that narrows thousands of investment options down, and identifies the most ideal selections within our screening metrics. We focus our analysis on quantitative ratios, fund manager “skin in the game”, established tenures of performance, and consistently superior results.

Each and every time you review your investments, it should be done through the lenses of data, and not emotion. Data is derived from mathematical computations and aren’t subjected to opinions, or emotional volatility. Data never has anything going on in it’s life. Data can illuminate things you didn’t see before. 

Process is what enables you to have an unemotional platform upon which you can make decisions about your investments. Through regularly schedule meetings, reviews, and check-ins we keep you on track. Through our technology we can even monitor market volatility for the past 15 days and know precisely how it may be emotionally impacting you. From there we’ll reach out with tailored communication meant just for you.