Looking for White Rhino Business? We’ve rebranded to AssetPRO!

Located in the iconic Galleria area | 3040 Post Oak Boulevard Suite 1150 Houston, Texas 77056

Fiduciary Asset Professional Financial Advisor and Tax Planner For Business Owners, Doctors, Dentists, Executives

We design one-of-a-kind solutions, built around what’s important to you.

turn-key solutions

built around you

We know we can’t be all things to all people. We wouldn’t want to be that even if we could. We specialize in being more important to fewer people, because when we build solutions – we build them to last a lifetime. Here are a few of the advanced & niche strategies we employ and monitor.

portfolio risk-reward optimization

We utilize a Nobel Prize winning approach to optimizing risk-reward metrics within your investment portfolio.

Retirement & Income Planning

We stress-test our retirement solutions in 1,000 scenarios, and "shock it" with life events to be sure it works as intended.

Business Capital Management

We help business owners build a robust foundation of financial engines to propel them towards their goals.

Corporate Stock Option Plans & executive benefits

We help business owners create powerful benefits for themselves, and help executives get every penny from their company.

Business Cash Flow Enhancement & Optimization

We leverage technology to plan, optimize, and automate cash flows to keep the maximium 'lifeblood' available for use.

Customized Risk Management Solutions

We build holistic risk management solutions that unfold and grow with you, without unnecessary costs.

Tax-Deferred Asset Optimization Strategies

We help investors reduce tax liability in their investments using multi-year "tax harvesting" strategies.

ROTH Conversion & RMD Minimization

We help retirees/pre-retirees thoughtfully reduce their future tax burden from Required Minimum Distributions.

business Entity Structure & debt optimization

We illuminate opportunities within business entity structures to build wealth, and eliminate debt - faster.

Business Exit Planning & EBITDA nurturing

We help business owners get prepared for their exit in time, maximize value, and avoid most of the major pitfalls.

legacy transfer tax & adverse Impact minimization

We help families create plans to properly transfer assets and minimize taxation to ensure they leave the most meaningful legacy possible.

Sophisticated Multi-Owner / Multi-Year Strategies

We help structure and facilitate retention plans, buy-ins, and buy-outs for multiple owner entities and partnership expansions.