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We believe culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Shared values

Culture has such a strong impact on business operations, it’s important we share our culture with you. Our cultural system is a blend of our outside of the box business thinking, life experiences, professional values, and personal principles. Our culture isn’t something that came off the printing press, or from Google search results – it’s the fabric of who we are and a powerful guidance system for any that choose to follow it.

Loyalty is always uppermost in our minds.

We’re fiercely loyal to our clients, particularly in interacting with their professionals and fiercely loyal to each other, particularly in interacting with those outside of our organization.

Respect is how we care for ourselves, and others.

We bring our ‘whole self’ and have a deep respect for the importance of ‘self-talk’, if how you do one thing is how you do everything, by treating ourselves with respect, it makes it easy to do for others.

Integrity is our beacon.

Integrity to us is about completeness. Completing your word and doing what you say you’ll do, and honoring every value, principle, and mantra to the greatest extent possible.

Audacity is how we meet challenges & set goals.

We’re proud of our progressive and innovative nature. This creates the audacity in us to challenge the status quo, break old ways of thinking, and strive for better solutions. We have the audacity to think differently in an industry that has remained relatively unchanged for the last 30 years.

Grit is how we handle adversity.

The famous ‘Rocky’ quote resounds here, “it’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep getting back up.” We’re in this for the long haul and know this is essential to our success and longevity serving clients.

Fortitude is how we hold it together.

Wrapped with audacious grit, our fortitude value means that we’re above the emotional sway of challenges, setbacks, and successes. It means despite the severity or duration of adverse events, we stand fast, serving as the lighthouse for others to rely upon to get them to their objectives.

Presence helps bring our ‘whole self’.

We’re committed to being the best versions of ourselves for the benefit of our clients. When we discuss any business matter, we shed distractions not applicable to the challenge at hand and get to work. When we listen, we listen to understand rather than listen to respond.

Vulnerability is our greatest strength.

We know that through our vulnerability, our clients will feel more comfortable with theirs. We work hard to earn our clients trust and show them not just what we know, but also who we are as people. Our vulnerability allows us to transcend the status quo and develop relationships authentically.

Empathy is our radar.

Not to be confused with ‘sympathy’, our empathy helps us remain self-aware and in tune with who we are as individuals and as a team. We use our EQ as a ‘radar’ to detect the true meanings behind things, and to help our clients deeply understand themselves.

Focused Principles

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We drive our self-development and team cohesion through the relentless application of our focused principles.

Our mission is to create a modern approach to financial and business consulting that clients love. The way we accomplish this is to focus on the advancement of the entire person, not just what shows up on their balance sheet. For us to create a beloved process, we believe the special ingredients needed are developing understanding, thinking outside of the box, educating and demystifying, making it easy, and delivering results.

We believe whatever you think is going to happen with your life, your relationship, your business, or your finances – will happen.

We strive to dispel negative energy and focus on our client’s success and our success. Our immense focus on creating positive outcomes helps expand that to each other and our clients for incredibly meaningful experiences and a lasting relationship.

Extracted from President Roosevelt’s famous 1910 speech “Citizenship in a Republic”, the “Man in the Arena” quote best sums up our cultural bias towards action, vulnerability, and growth.

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge we encourage clients and members to step into the arena.

Championed by former Google AdSense CEO, and executive coach Kim Scott, Radical Candor is a way of communicating directly with a high level of personal care. Not every communication will be radically candid, our goal is to have awareness around how we say things in order to strive for a perfectly and radically candid communication style.

An important fact around this principle is that if you are a human being, you have an ego. It serves a tremendous purpose in our lives, it helps us make decisions based on what we know to be true. Our reminder to check our ego is directly positioned to ensure our mission is accomplished and that internal and external events are viewed through a pragmatic lens with a focus on understanding.

For us, it’s simple. We lead people, and we manage things. Our understanding of what makes technical things efficient, more optimally positioned, or just outright better is what we manage. We part ways with the status quo and believe that only people can be led, our leadership style and approach is ripe with candor and humor with a focus on being servant leaders.

We’re all human. We have families, interests, hobbies, and things we’re passionate about – just like you.

Our world views will invariably create personal opinions on just about anything, where we part ways with most is having a deep understanding that our professional responsibility to our clients will always come before our personal opinions. It doesn’t mean our opinions don’t matter. Just like with our clients, we appreciate individuality and honor each person’s right to that opinion.

As a team we understand that the unique and personal nature of each opinion is just that. We ensure our decision making and recommendations are as free as possible from personal opinions so we can place the maximum amount of focus on our professional responsibility.

It also means a heated debate about the things we love won’t result in contention between members. When we “check our egos” at the door, we make sure our personal opinions are tucked neatly away in the inside pocket for us to put right back on once we’ve completed our daily commitment to the success of our clients.

meaningful Mantras

Our “shoutable” mantras are designed to provide quick rebuttals to team members who temporarily forget our principles and values. We use these mantras as ounces of prevention in our day-to-day activities.

When we encounter these harbingers in our working environment, you might hear us proclaim “problems don’t solve problems!” Our emphasis is that solutions solve problems. When we encounter problems from a business operations perspective or from a client perspective – our aim is to come to the table with solutions.

We live a problem solving existence, and typically only people are able to solve problems. We certainly use everything at our disposal to maximize that value through technology, and other value accelerants.

Extracted from concepts in military operations, changing our socks means taking care of ourselves, monitoring ourselves, and making decisions as a team. During military operations, when soldiers move in large groups to predetermined objectives there are set times in which the unit stops and everyone changes their socks at the same time. This builds on the ‘weakest link’ concept of teaming and ensures that we take care of ourselves, for each other.

Taking into account the millions of potential action/consequence choices people make on a daily basis it’s fair to say that each individual will create different assumptions around situations in an effort to reduce the “bandwidth” burden in our mind. Our mantra of assuming positive intent serves to stop those automations.

Regardless of situation, circumstance, or past experience – we focus on always assuming positive intent in the actions of others. It’s our way of preventing a jump to a particular conclusion until we have all of the information available.

If there is one person who knows how to scale, it’s former Chan Zuckerberg Initiative head operations and veteran of Google, Facebook, and Quip – Molly Graham.

The concept is simple, if you have too many legos (tasks and responsibilities) you should give some away. All too often we become mired and trapped in routine and this ultimately spurs feelings of protectionism, mostly to ourselves.

By giving away legos we get two birds with one stone. The first is practicing non-attachment, remember it’s not just one persons ship, it’s everyone’s. The second is to always remember that what we do now won’t be what we do forever and we should encourage growth in our organization by empowering others to take more ownership of it.

“It’s your ship.” is the famous statement made by Captain Michael Abrashoff (USN) and immortalized by his book of the same name. In his recollections of patrolling the Iraqi coast onboard the USS Benfold, he focused on empowerment and ownership with his sailors and soon became one of the best known boat captains in the Navy. His approach and method of leadership later became a model implemented to train all new incoming naval commanders. Whether it’s a business problem or a client specific problem, we use the same approach. It’s our ship. This inspires us to take ownership and care for things like they were our own regardless of the circumstances in which we, or our clients find themselves.

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