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Imagine a world where the trapped fears, unprocessed emotions, and life experiences controlled every decision you'll ever make...

That’s the world we live in. MIND the GAP provides you with the roadmap necessary to understand where you are today, helps you understand what’s holding you back, and empowers you to realize your highest potential on your wealth building journey.

What You'll Learn

The Impact Of Biases On Your Financial Future

Why It's So Difficult To Manage Your Behavior

How To Retake control Of Your Mind & Decisions

How To Integrate That Into Your Financial Plan

Low Cost Fiduciary Wealthprint Financial Advisor and Investment Behavior Management For Business Owners, Doctors, Dentists, Executives

A Step-By-Step Guide

Activate the power of your understanding with robust content designed to work, and get you into action.

Table Of Contents


Take Action

Author and Cofounder Josh Hohenstein

Mind The Gap's Unique Approach

“When we went to create this content, we knew it had to be different. Too many think tanks, and big financial institutions feel that just saying buzz-words around behavioral finance is enough to make them experts at it. We felt we needed to take a different path, to give individuals and business owners something they can sink their teeth into, and actually make positive changes in their lives…”

Josh Hohenstein, Author & Co-Founder


Discover your Natural Style, Learned Behaviors, & Innate Talents with a multi-page report that covers the entirety of your financial mindset. Get instant, unrestricted access to your reports – for life.

Financial DNA® Assessment

Take your data-driven insights and start pairing it with your insights and intuition using the Financial Insights Guide. Get specific examples of how your assessment results apply, and bring them to life.

Financial Insights Guide

Unlock your potential here.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, and no. We certainly would appreciate having an e-mail for you so that we can periodically provide you with useful information that benefits you. That being said, you’re always welcome to change your e-mail preferences after you’ve received the book, and keep 100% of the value, assessments, and workbooks forever.

It’s not a book in the traditional “hundreds of pages” sense, however it has almost two dozen pages of content that was carefully selected with the intent that readers would be able to get something valuable from it, understand themselves more, and take action to improve upon what they’ve learned. 

You can expect to learn how people get to where they are financially, the types of events that shape financial world views, how they appear in our lives, what they cause, how to prevent them, and what steps you can actually take to manage yourself, and your financial future with ease.

Absolutely, we’re passionate about educating others on financial matters – truly educating them. Our content is designed to be objective, and unselfish. This is about you. We know that by continually adding tremendous amounts of value that if you decide to get help in this area – we’ll be at the uppermost of your mind.